Why We Play Counter Strike

The game was our first game to play as a group back in 2011. We were all looking for something fun to play that still had a competitive side to it. Among our options were either this game, Team Fortress 2, or something like World of Warcraft, where we could all adventure together as one group and progress together.

However, these other games just didn’t feel correct. It felt weird or simply too immature to play either of the other two. For instance World of Warcraft has a pretty bad reputation of attracting childish people. However in Counter Strike, there seems to be a higher density of adults playing the game. Of course we weren’t adults only begin. We’ve said over and over again, that the group started when we were all in high school. Still, we were mature for her age and wanted to play a game with people that had similar maturity levels.

That came out to be Counter Strike. The game features amazing first-person shooting gameplay, while remaining extremely fast-paced, all features that we wanted in a game to play together. The game is also extremely strategic, where two sides play either as a counterterrorist or terrorist. Groups must play together and strategically to actually win the game and complete their objective. The game utilizes plenty of team-based options and techniques to encourage cooperation and communication.

Another thing that led us to play the game was its low PC requirements. As high schoolers, we didn’t have jobs to pay for expensive gaming hardware. Our focus was set on school, homework, and free time. We didn’t have the funds or resources to pay for things like processors, graphics cards, or even more RAM. In fact, Jake, one of our founding heads, used to play the game on a very old laptop with a dual core built-in processor and no graphics card. He had to run the game on extremely low resolution, and low settings. Now, were all grown up and we have money to buy hardware, which will get into in another post (we’ll talk about each members hardware in a separate post later on). Still, the game’s amazing gameplay and cooperate of features they just keep playing the game even years later when we have money to buy hardware.

So that’s it on why we play the game. It’s a very outstanding game and each member has at least thousands of hours logged on Steam just because of its longevity and because we’ve mained the game for so long. If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form that we’ve included on this website. Would love to hear your feedback or some stories that you have on why you continue to play one of the PC platforms most popular video games ever.

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