What’s the best gaming controller for PC?

So in our last post, we suggested the use of console controllers on your desktop for gaming. It still surprises me to this day that many gamers on desktop don’t even know they could plug-in their console controller, configure it, and then play games just as they would on the console. Here we will outline the very best controllers just in case you didn’t already have one.


Xbox One Elite controller


If there was one word to describe the Elite controller, it would probably have to be “customization”. There are so many things that you can customize on the Elite controller that it almost seems overwhelming. The controller comes in at a cost of approximately $129, but you can find it in sales quite frequently. To note this is almost 3 times the price of a typical controller, specifically the Dualshock 4, what you talk about below.


Hands down this is probably the best controller I’ve ever used in my life. Granted, it is also the most expensive controller I’ve used, excluding the extremely customized ones that you can find in the aftermarket. We decided not to count those ones, though. There are just so many things to like about the Xbox One Elite. From its hefty build, to its durability, to the customizability, to how it just looks everything seems well worth it. I’m most impressed by the build quality, however. For its retail price, you’d expect it to be built strong and last you for years. I’ve had mine since the date released, since IP ordered it. Mine still looks brand-new, as I do treated well but it’s build quality speaks for itself. Connecting the Xbox controller to your PC should be relatively simple. It’s almost just plug-and-play, as Microsoft has made it as simple as possible to connect the two platforms between PC and Xbox. The two gaming platforms go hand-in-hand and if you were to choose just one controller to purchase if you don’t already have one, it would have to be the Xbox One Elite. Definitely spend the money if you think your can be cleaning on a controller for years on end. As with the last article, we cannot recommend playing online multiplayer PC video games with a controller, as it is just too competitive. But if you’re going to be playing single player games on your desktop computer and you prefer controllers as your configuration input, we definitely recommend spending the money on the Elite.


Dualshock 4


The Dual Shock 4 is Sony’s entry for controller that corresponds with the PlayStation 4 console. Unlike Microsoft, however, Sony opted not to go for an “elite” type of controller, as the only controller they have available in the market is the standard Dual Shock. That is pretty bad on Sony’s part as Microsoft consistently beats them in the controller market, but that’s not to say that this controller is considerably bad.

In fact, the controller is very worthwhile input for PC gaming. To connect to your PC is a little bit more complex, but nothing too outlandish that any new PC gamer when be able to figure out. The simplest way to connect the PS4 controller to your gaming desktop is by using the micro USB to USB cable that comes with your PS4 console. After this, Windows should identify the device is a new device. At this point you would have to download a button mapper to correctly configure the controls for your game. This is obviously not as intuitive as the Xbox controller, but if you already have a PS4 controller, then these are the steps that you need to take in order to use them while playing computer games.

Another way to connect this via Bluetooth. Keep in mind that most gaming PCs don’t have Bluetooth capability enabled. In fact, most don’t even have a Bluetooth adapter to connect. If you build your own gaming desktop, chances are that you don’t have one of these and will have to buy them separately. They go right inside your PC case and after some configuration will be able to work instantly. You would have to first install the PlayStation controller by connecting via USB cable, and then you have to configure it from there. One it’s all set up, you can remove the USB cable and simply connect via Bluetooth from there. There are no noticeable signs of lag using Bluetooth so feel free to use that over the standard micro USB set up if you do have it enabled.

The following video should help you set up the Dualshock on your gaming computer.

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