Tips for new PC gamers

Because Clan KA is such a friendly plan community on the PC platform, we decided to write an article for all the new PC gamers. These are tips that we recommend following if you’re new to the PC platform and was to game on it. This is already assuming that you have your gaming desktop set up; if you haven’t, however, do follow the post that we did a while ago on how much each clan members desktop cost them. Now let’s get to it.


Using controllers


It is outstanding that many PC players, even advanced users, don’t even know that they could connect their existing console controllers on their computer. You can actually use an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 4 controller on your desktop. There are separate tutorials depending on which controller you want to connect, and some may involve mapping buttons to specific keys or combinations, but the overall process is pretty simple and straightforward. I would not recommend using a console controller on your desktop if you’re playing competitive PC games. This is because most PC players online use a keyboard and mouse controller configuration, which gives you significant advantages in skill and basic ability on the field. Everyone in the clan is expected to use keyboard and mouse configuration is it simply the easiest way to get the job done. However, if you are playing games that are single player and don’t require too much skill, the best configuration to play that game is probably using the console controller. It just feels much more comfortable, relaxed, and I find that my fingers and hands cramp much less.


Do not obsess with graphics

This is kind of the feeding the point of the PC platform, but it is easy to get way too obsessed with graphics. Video games are not all about graphics, though they are admittedly a big part of why we play. Despite this, you need to make sure that your obsession with video quality isn’t too much of a strain. Oftentimes I find gamers that play video games and upgraded desktop only to get better and more crisper textures and resolution. But that defeats the point of gaming in total. The point is to have fun and enjoy your time either by yourself or with friends. I mean, we’ve been playing the Counter Strike franchise for several years now and have shown no signs of slowing down. Even their newest game, Global Offensive, which came out years ago as a graphical overhaul of the original Source is an even graphically impressive compared to the more modern first-person shooters. Still, the insanely polished shooting mechanics of Global Offensive as well as the team-based gameplay has our Clan KA group coming back to it more and more. So don’t obsess about graphics. Sure, they are fun but never forget what the true meaning of gaming is a notice to enjoy yourself with or without friends.


Don’t spend full price on videogame


There is absolutely no reason to be painful price on a video game on the PC platform. Perhaps maybe on console platforms where sales are far less frequent, then maybe you should expect to pay the full $60 on any one game. But on the PC platform, especially with Steam, you shouldn’t pay the full $60 unless you truly want to game at launch. Sales are so frequent that you will find your backlog builds incredibly quickly, so the need for newly released games lessons significantly. Again, unless you really want a very new game that just launched or are pre-ordering the game, look for the many Steam sales that occur according to the seasons as well as the weekly and daily deals that they have. Other digital game retailers such as Amazon, Green Man Gaming, or Humble Bundle all have frequent sales that should save you a ton of money. Especially if you are new PC gamer, you will find it a ton of PC exclusives you’ve missed while playing on consoles won’t be full price anymore. There are such tools like Is There Any Deal that tracks video games you want and alerts you if there are any sales on them. This happens so often that I realize I haven’t bought a full price videogame in what seems like years. For that we have all these digital retailers to thank as well as the overall PC game market. In general, PC games are much cheaper than console games which is a huge advantage. Think of this like a welcoming gift for you for entering the PC market.

One example is the new game Total War: Warhammer II. It launched just in September, yet there have already been a few sales dropping it in price. I was really looking forward to the game as well, yet still didn’t pay the full $60 on it thanks to sales.

Another thing to remember though is not to obsess with PC sales. As great as they are, you could end up spending a ton more money than you intended to, buying PC games you know you won’t play.

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