Meet The Members

Meet the members of Clan KA


My name is Mason Bruce. I’m the original founder of Clan KA. As you’ll read in our about page, I started this group just for fun with my three best friends. Now, the group is expanded to much more than just for friends playing the same game together. This is what envisioned the clan to look like years after its birth. As the head of the clan, I try to remain humble and not bossy. We like to keep things fun and lightweight in this clan. However, the need to win in video games is still there as we all have a competitive edge.

My gamer tag or nickname is Mace.


Hello everyone my name is Jake. I don’t have a nickname or gamer tag as I feel my name is already simple enough. I was one of the original members when Mace decided to open the clan up to start completing missions in the video gaming world. Right now I’m in my mid-20s but I still feel like I have the joy of gaming under my belt, despite entering the workforce, already graduating, and starting my life. None of that distracts me from the competitive edge that I have in my perceived duty of being an older member of the clan. I hope I introduce myself well enough, and if you get accepted to the clan, be sure to hit me up. Here in the clan, we love to be friends with one another and not just play video games together. We are an actual clan that understands each other, talks about life together, whilst still playing and enjoying games together.


What’s up everyone, it’s Drew. My nickname is just Drew, which you can spell as the original Drew or Jrue. My friends like to spell it like that for fun.

Anyway, in this clan it’s all fun and games except for when we play competitive. The goal is always to win, however we like to keep it lightweight. There is an much that hasn’t already been said on this website so I’ll let my introduction and at that.


These are the original members of Clan KA. We were all here from the beginning years ago in 2011, when everything all began. We don’t like to say we have authority over the other members. However, we are the oldest and most tenured members and as such everyone needs to understand and know about us. In the clan, we like to understand everyone anyways, so being friends with us and your peers will be best for our group. Read more about us here.