Figuring out other games that we like to play

This is always a common question whenever people inquire about a clan, whether that’s friends of ours that want to join in or strangers from the video games that we play on the servers that were on. They always ask, do you guys play any other games? Obviously, we can’t stick as a team only playing the same game several hours each week for years on end. It’s just too straining. Counter Strike is extremely fun and all, but sometimes we also need a break from the game to go play something more relaxing or otherwise different in terms of gameplay and style and feel.

This is where figuring out the other games that we want to play comes in. As of now, we only play either Counter Strike: Source or Global Offensive. Of course, those are two of the biggest Counter Strike games in all of its history. We alternate between the two because we find there are a few things from each game that we dislike and like at the same time. They both offer their own special kinds of entertainment for us as a group. However, playing that much Counter Strike could put a strain on us in terms of gaming. We all work strenuous amounts of hours each week at our jobs, so coming home to play the same game can get fatiguing after a while. That’s not to say we don’t love these two games of the franchise as much as we do, but that is just saying that we need another outlet to enjoy when we aren’t playing Counter Strike.

So we all decided to meet up, the three of us old heads, to decide the direction of the group. That’s not to say that were changing exactly who we are or the mission that Clan KA represents, but just to see if it would be worth it played other games and develop our skills for those games so that we remain competitive.

We look for sports games. I personally love football and basketball, so NBA 2K and NFL Madden both came to mind. In those games, they are a bunch of competitive modes to play. But, unfortunately, those game modes are mostly single player only. I don’t see any solution that we could come up in terms of sports games that we could all play together, as a big group like we can for Counter Strike. Besides, we talked with some of the members of our clan that aren’t the original three, and ultimately decided against it because there was not enough interest.

So we looked at other genres, things like RPG’s, online worlds, anything that fit our original description for when we were originally looking for a video game to play. Games like Team Fortress 2 came up again, as the newer games such as Destiny 2. We then looked at some strategy games like Warhammer.

In the end, however, we decided to play basically what is the hottest game in PC platforms as of now, which is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. I know, that we might receive some flak for going to mainstream route, but quite frankly we do not care about that. In the end, we were all just looking for a game that is fun and competitive the play while being able to serve our needs in terms of cooperation gameplay.

== Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is poorly optimized right now. Clan members are running it fine on PC, so if you’re interested in how expensive our gaming desktops are, follow this article we did a while ago. Also consider this guide if you wish to better run the game on your desktop ==

A new squads mode piqued our interest for the game. It will be tough to play with everyone on the same server, considering we have tens of people in our squad. However in squad mode, we are able to play with four people at any one time in one group. So for clan battles, we will just have to organize our teams into groups of four that want to play together. Obviously, we will try to mix it up so as not to have the same clan members playing the same game all the time with the same people. While it does have its benefits, we do like to rotate and really get to know each individual member of our group. Again, we are looking for a brotherhood type relationship and not just strangers cooperating in a videogame. We want to get to know you, and PUBG is a perfect platform to do so. It’s different from Counter Strike because it seems like it’s on a more personal level simply because there are only four people and anyone squad.

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