Connecting PS4 controller to desktop via bluetooth!

Posted by on May 20, 2018 in Gaming Hardware | 0 comments

Just thought we should share this video with readers still struggling to connect their controller via bluetooth. It’s easiest just to connect with a cable, but if you’re interested in wireless gaming on your desktop, definitely give this a try. It’s the easiest and proven way to get that Dualshock 4 to finally connect so you can play your single-player...

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What’s the best gaming controller for PC?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2018 in Gaming Hardware | 0 comments

So in our last post, we suggested the use of console controllers on your desktop for gaming. It still surprises me to this day that many gamers on desktop don’t even know they could plug-in their console controller, configure it, and then play games just as they would on the console. Here we will outline the very best controllers just in case you didn’t already have one.   Xbox One Elite controller   If there was one word to describe the Elite controller, it would probably have to be “customization”. There are so many things that...

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Tips for new PC gamers

Posted by on Dec 17, 2017 in Gaming Hardware, PC Games | 0 comments

Because Clan KA is such a friendly plan community on the PC platform, we decided to write an article for all the new PC gamers. These are tips that we recommend following if you’re new to the PC platform and was to game on it. This is already assuming that you have your gaming desktop set up; if you haven’t, however, do follow the post that we did a while ago on how much each clan members desktop cost them. Now let’s get to it.   Using controllers   It is outstanding that many PC players, even advanced users, don’t even know that...

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Best new games of September

Posted by on Nov 4, 2017 in PC Games | 0 comments

September is most consider the month that starts the flurry of video games releasing in the fall. Of course the fall season is where most new games, more specifically most AAA games, release as it is very close to the holiday season when sales jumped through the roof. There are a ton of great games that came out in September and the clan is starting to get into articles of writing to give our readers entertained. These are all games that we have played non-competitively, so basically just for fun. We still of course play Counter Strike...

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Figuring out other games that we like to play

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in PC Games, The Clan | 0 comments

This is always a common question whenever people inquire about a clan, whether that’s friends of ours that want to join in or strangers from the video games that we play on the servers that were on. They always ask, do you guys play any other games? Obviously, we can’t stick as a team only playing the same game several hours each week for years on end. It’s just too straining. Counter Strike is extremely fun and all, but sometimes we also need a break from the game to go play something more relaxing or otherwise different in...

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Clan battle with OC

Posted by on Sep 18, 2017 in PC Games, The Clan | 0 comments

Hello everyone, Mace here. Does giving all our fans and group members the little update that we will be doing a clan battle or clan exhibition match with one of our opponents named OC. Now this is a friendly competition, but as you already know Clan KA takes our exhibitions quite seriously. The match will take place around mid October, so this gives you plenty of time to practice and prep up. We will of course be playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive on the Dust II map. It will be a standard 10 round match and we will all be playing from...

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How much are the gaming computers we play on?

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This post comes as a sponsor from our favorite computing website, Mysteryblock Reviews. Jake was the one that wrote the article, however we are being sponsored to add more content to our website as well as have a custom name tag on our Steam group. With that aside, we wanted to write this article for you anyway. It was going to be on a list of items to post, since it would be helpful not only to members of our clan, prospective members, but also for anyone that’s browsing our website since were related to computer gaming anyways. In...

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Why We Play Counter Strike

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in PC Games, The Clan | 0 comments

The game was our first game to play as a group back in 2011. We were all looking for something fun to play that still had a competitive side to it. Among our options were either this game, Team Fortress 2, or something like World of Warcraft, where we could all adventure together as one group and progress together. However, these other games just didn’t feel correct. It felt weird or simply too immature to play either of the other two. For instance World of Warcraft has a pretty bad reputation of attracting childish people. However in...

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