Best new games of September

September is most consider the month that starts the flurry of video games releasing in the fall. Of course the fall season is where most new games, more specifically most AAA games, release as it is very close to the holiday season when sales jumped through the roof. There are a ton of great games that came out in September and the clan is starting to get into articles of writing to give our readers entertained. These are all games that we have played non-competitively, so basically just for fun. We still of course play Counter Strike religiously and competitively. In fact, we just had a friendly bout with Clan OC and one to a hefty degree. We’ll take this opportunity to say congratulations to the team and thank you for giving us a great exhibition.


Marvel versus Capcom: Infinite


Marvel has been doing outstanding with their videogame releases, specifically their fighting games. The hype around Marvel versus Capcom: Infinite has been huge in the past few months, so fans were looking forward to what the game brings in terms of the fighting genre. Right off the bat of playing the game you can notice how cohesive the single player campaign truly is. Typically, fighting games are played with another person, whether that be right in local or online against another person. However, Marvel and Capcom did an amazing job making a better single player campaign. We also really enjoyed the game and recommend you should try it if you are at all interested in any of the characters of either franchise.


Total War: Warhammer II


If you’re at all interested in strategy games or have otherwise played Warhammer, this game should fit right up your alley. It’s been extremely anticipated, at least in the strategic game genre, and I specifically was looking forward to it since at least a year ago. Let me tell you that the game did not disappoint me and my PC gaming buddies. The graphical fidelity on this PC game is outstanding, the details are polished to a brim, and the strategic elements have been refined so much better in the few hours that of played. Definitely try this PC game out if you’ve been a fan of any Warhammer game in the past or even strategic game such as Shogun.

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