About The Clan

Thank you for visiting the official website of Clan KA. Here at Clan KA, we like to play video games on the PC platform. Specifically, we main Counter Strike: Source. We have been playing Counter Strike: Source for years on end.

On Clan KA, more specifically this website, we will be sharing as much information as possible about our clan. For instance, you can learn about how to register for a clan, what we look for in players, all the different types of games we play, what times were available in online, and their main goals as a team all on this official website.

About the clan:

Clan KA began as a small team comprised of just four players. It began as myself, Mason, and my three best friends back in high school. The original team for Clan KA consisted of myself, Drew, Jake, and Harvard. As of now, the team is expanded to tens of players. We are not just located in Wisconsin anymore, but have accepted members from all over the country. We all play together as one team, with one mission, and with as much fun as possible.

That’s it for now on this page as far as what the clan does and who we are. However, if you want to know more about the clan and what we do as well as other things that we mentioned above in this page, be sure to explore around the website. There are a lot of information pieces, such as our current computer setups, that may help you if you’re that interested in our group as well as if you’re willing to join us. Remember, the more you know about us, the more likely able to accept you.

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